Karma Go!

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The KarmaGo is the slightly older brother to our Karma pipe. If you are tired of losing your Kap, look no further! Perfect for the on the go smoker. Also features a carabiner so that rest assured when you are out enjoying the lovely outdoors, your trusty Karma Go stays right by your side.

Size: 4in

Weight: 1oz

Customer Reviews

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Diane Whyte

Love these for traveling and any other time. No more spills. Just wish the holes in the metal bowl were smaller so I don't end up with ash in my mouth.

Paul Clevenger
Mega Super Hitter

All everything!!!! got a cap for easy transport, won’t break/ freeze/ burn or stop up, And!! delivers a giant hit of flammable product to the like of which I’ve never seen! pedaldude5 approved!

Angela LaPlant

Karma Go!

Sco Reg
Awesome pipe

This thing is crazy easy to clean. I haven’t had any issues with it so far. But it’s just for me. No groups or multiple heads. My only fear would be that too many people would get the silicone too hot if overused by too many people during a sitting.

Annie Blanks
Best pipe

Love these. Easy to clean and has a nice draw.