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For that One-Two Knockout punch, the Kayo has arrived. Available in 4 sleek colors, the Kayo is our first pipe to come with a uniquely designed glass u-shaped bowl. Drawing from inspiration from the Karma Go, we decided to add a tethered kap as well.

Size: 4in

Weight: 1oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nick Arner
Carbs awkwardly placed

Not to fond of the carb location

Tammy Overstreet
Love Piece maker products

Awesome 😎

Jonathan L.L.
Kayo purchase

Bowl is small, it needs a screen. The bottom of bowl almost touched pipe, gets too hot!

Anthony Watt
A nice try, but no cigar just yet.

I’ve been using Piecemaker products since 2014 and they have always been one of my favorite brands, their pipes are so durable, versatile, and portable that they have been my everyday choice for years. However, this current iteration falls short of the mark. I was very excited to receive it and test it out, but once I did I almost immediately went back to using my old beat up Karma Go that it was meant to replace. I see what they were going for, a streamlined, sexy version of the Karma Go with updated features like the new glass bowl and a supposedly more ergonomic carb, and as far as form factor goes, it is exactly that. Honestly it’s one of the best looking pipes in their lineup, unfortunately that’s about all it has going for it. All of the things that make piecemaker pipes so great (to me anyway) have been completely nerfed. One of my favorite things about Piecemaker products is their “grab and go” capability, I can load a good size bowl of my favorite smokable, pop on the cap, throw it in my pocket and I’m good to go for awhile, unfortunately the glass bowl is much smaller and cannot hold nearly as much as the Karma or Karma Go. It also has fewer holes than the previous metal one which means it clogs easily and often, further, because it’s glass, you have to be more careful about how you clear that clog so that you don’t crack or break the glass. I think if the whole pipe was made larger so that a deeper glass bowl with more, larger holes in the bottom would be a big improvement. Additionally, The new streamlined design, while looking great, is very hard for me to hold. it’s slightly smaller than the Karma, and the new carb placement makes it difficult to hold the cap out of the way underneath while still getting a good seal on the carb. I always feel like I’m about to drop it. granted, I’m 6’5 and have pretty large hands, but that was never a problem with the just slightly larger Karma Go. I also feel like the new design doesn’t have as much “chamber room” which results in smaller hits. I understand this review may be seen as negative or nitpicky but that’s not my intention. By reading the other reviews I can see I’m not the only one having these problems and I think all of these issues could easily be fixed with a few small redesigns. I only write this in the hopes that Piecemaker may address the problems and release a larger, updated version one day. If so, I’ll be one of the first buyers, but until then my advice is to get a Karma Go instead.

Joseph Presnell

I like the pipe would have given it a 5 the bowl clogs up very easy