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The Kermit is the first water pipe that we ever created! Featuring our trademark ergonomic mouthpiece, our suction cup base, and a slitted down stem, the Kermit is the water pipe known around the world.

Size: 11in

Weight: 13oz

Customer Reviews

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Love this bong !

This bad boy glows all night long in my blacklight den. Ice and water and I’m blasting off, into space ! Best bong I’ve owned and so convertible, wanna do a dab ? With an adapter and a banger and you’re off to the races, pedal to the metal.

Anne Kenniston
Large and bulky

Not a fan. Too big, clumsy, and inefficiently designed. Would prefer a slimmer structure that's not an eye sore to leave out and is easily cleaned. The roll-uh-bowl is the master of that in my book.

Sarah Davidson
Nice Piece.

I've been using my Kermit for about two weeks now, right out of the gate I loved it. I thought it was weird that you don't have to remove the downstem to take a hit but once I realized the mess this would cause I was grateful for that. As soon as it was past "new" condition (2-3 sessions) I started noticing the hits weren't ripping like I'm used to. Because of the design there's very little pressure and I see a lot of smoke escaping through the downstem. That being said, it's still getting me quite high, maybe even being a little gentler on my lungs but it's not what I'm used to. One thing I didn't consider was that I wouldn't be able to see inside, this is especially difficult with the black one I purchased. This makes filling pretty difficult and I don't know when it needs to be cleaned. I do love the weight, I feel pretty confident it's not going to get knocked over unlike every single glass bong I've ever owned- I specifically ordered this guy after my dog bumped the table and spilt a full dirty glass bong in my lap. All-in-all pretty nice piece, very well made. I am looking forward in buying and trying a couple other pieces they carry.

Fantastic bit of kit

Excellent device, well designed and sturdy in construction.

Benjamin Lee
These are the best!

These are our favorite bongs. The pink glows really bright for HOURS because the silicone is so thick. The wide suction cup base resists tipping. Freezing them overnight leaves them clean in the morning.

To the 2 star hag - standard glass down stems and bowls fit nicely. I just use a glass bowl in the silicone stem.