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If our 22inch Kahuna was too big, and our 9inch Kali was too small, the Kirby which stands at a height of 15 inches is going to be the one for you. Featuring our patented Hex-Tek down stem and a removable stainless steel base, take the plunge and grab yourself a Kirby!

Size: 15in

Weight: 15oz

Customer Reviews

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William Ward

How do I remove the s. S. Base?

Pink Passion

I'm loving my Kirby, or Kirby's. I now have Glow Green, Miss Pinky, Indy Blue, and Kotton Kandy. This waterpiece is easy to use, easy to care for, and hits hard. Another winner from Piecemaker Gear.

Jennifer Olsen
Fantastic x2

I bought the small version of this a few years ago… Which then led me to the light blue version of this a couple of years ago, which then just led me to buying a third one- this time in pink. I absolutely love these products. I’m as clumsy as they come, and after a few years of daily use, nothing has been broken!! I also just bought some glass bowl inserts which I’m excited to try out next. All of these products rock, and they even sent me my order in 2 days, which still includes my $30 420 discount. Love this company and their products, will definitely buy from them again sometime soon. 😍👏🏻😁

Grace K.
So much better than expected!

I personally have never been a huge fan of silicone water pipes, but I purchased this as a Christmas present for a friend. He mentioned that he always breaks his glass water pipes so I thought a silicone one would be perfect for him. Piece Maker has completely changed my thoughts on silicone water pipes that I plan to purchase another one for myself! The pipe folds up easily so will make traveling easy. I haven't noticed any leak issues or weak air pull like I have other silicone pipes, which is why I've never been a fan of them. I purchased the Lollipop Swirl color and the glow is amazing! So much more reactive than I thought with UV light and it even holds the glow well in the dark after a good charge with normal light. This has become the main piece we smoke out of now. I would definitely recommend this maker/piece to anyone.

Reese Beaulne
Very disappointed

I love my new bong, however I have no idea on how the removable stainless steel bowl removes, and trying to find it online with no luck was discouraging, however to come to the actual piecemaker site and have absolutely zero way of contacting anyone for instructions is absolutely disheartening