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Got an extra Solo or Dixie cup laying around? Heck, even your standard fast food cup will work! Just pop the Kommuter in and you are off and rocking! The Kommuter converts most drinking style glasses to be used as a water pipe. Grab one to day and see how you can use it!

Size: 4in

Weight: 4oz

Customer Reviews

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The kommuter is awesome. Works great and highly recommended. You'll use it alot.
Big fan of all piecemaker products.

Even better than expected!

I bought a really cute silipint cup on Amazon to use with this lid, and it is a perfect pairing. They fit well together and really do the job. I'm clumsy as it is, so I'm really glad to not have to worry about dropping any piece of this set up. I've been amazed at how easily the silicone cleans up after use. The metal bowl takes a little more work, but it's such a small part it doesn't take too much time or effort to get it clean. I've only used it around the house so far, but am very much looking forward to taking this camping, to the beach, to the river, on hikes, everywhere!

Perfect for on the go fun.

I really love this lil guy. It's perfect for taking the party on the road. Either camping, a picnic, fishing or anytime you don't want to bring along something either bigger or less conspicuous. It completely comes apart for easy washing and easy storage. It takes up no more space than a hockey puck when disassembled. and can be put on almost any cup you already own or will come across. I pair it with a silicone pint glass and its the ultimate in unbreakable satisfaction. When discretion is needed, it really does resemble a cup with a straw poking out the top at a glance. The only thing I could ask for was a tether on the bowl cap, like the Karma Go. (which I also HIGHLY recommend). Maybe a Kommuter Go +???

Lou S
Best Travel Tool

My Kommuter lid has been a faithful companion. When I have been in situations where other devices were not available, the Kommuter lid has been my savior. Also love that it is aquatic safe!

Jeff K
Everything you hope it will be

We love this for the beach. It's also great for a daily driver. I would like it just a little more if it had a carb hole, but removing the stem is easy enough.