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One pipe to rule them all, one pipe to find them, one pipe to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.....

ummmm, not really, but seriously , this is a pipe Gandalf would be jealous of. Bonus points for guessing the secret inscription on the bottom of the pipe. 

Customer Reviews

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Randy Muirhead
Cool pipes

much larger than i thought it would be but Smokes great

Bill in Vermont
Musings on the Konjurer

I ordered this on a whim, tacking it on to some Xmas presents sourced from the PieceMaker people.

It was much bigger than I expected, that initially putting me off. But upon exploring how its magic works, I now think the size is right, the long stem allows for a relaxed position for holding while partaking & for the in between moments. The curvature of the stem seems to help reduce any harshness of the smoke, although I insert a little filter at the mouth piece to aid in that.

I do have a little difficulty reinserting the metal bowl after cleaning, so I wish that were easier, but not that big of a deal. I can work around that.

One feature I wish it had was a cap, where you could trap the extra smoke upon firing it up, and to securely trap the bowl’s remaining contents for a little bit of safety— how many times has a pipe rolled over spilling it’s embers onto clothes, carpets etc? It’d be nice to reduce that as an issue.

Perhaps a smaller version can be designed — I’d call it “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” — where you take the bowl size & cap of the Karma, extend & shape the stem to mimic the Konjurer & go from there.

To sum up: I like it & glad I sprung for it even though I am not short on pipes.

Joseph Presnell

I love the pipe ! All my friends like it just bought another one for a Xmas present would have gave 5 stars if it wasn't so hard to the bowl back in after cleaning other than that it's great.

Tammy Williamson

Awesome! Quality piece great price. Husband loves it!

Stacie Link
Great pipe with an AMAZING bowl

This is a great pipe with a HUGE bowl. It hits very well and I'm very happy with this pipe!!