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One pipe to rule them all, one pipe to find them, one pipe to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.....

ummmm, not really, but seriously , this is a pipe Gandalf would be jealous of. Bonus points for guessing the secret inscription on the bottom of the pipe. 

Size: 13in

Weight: 4oz

Customer Reviews

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Richard Bahnsen

A Glowing review.

Brian Arnold

My 2nd one! Love it!

Love my Gandalf pipe

Love the delivery of cool smoke on my throat. My 46yr old nephew moved in & I had to let him try it out - now he wants one, I’m thinking he will like Christmas….

Suggestion: this pipe would be perfection if you put an attached lid/cap/plug on it like your Karma Go models. The Gandalf bowl is alot bigger, holds more, EZ to spill, Please & Thank You for an amazing pipe❣️

Jean-Robert Gauthier
Je suis Gandalf !!!

D'une taille impressionnante et d'un style à tout casser, vous pourrez tirer sur votre pipe tout en philosophant sur les beautés de la Comté !

Chad Johnson
The best pipe I have ever owned

This is the best pipe I have ever had. It has a metal bowl so it won’t shatter if you drop it. And it is a huge bowl. Plus the rubber base is awesome too as I put it in the freezer and freeze it and then crack the residue off inside it and it help’s clean it. This is my 3rd one I have bought in the last 5 years. And I smoke everyday.