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One pipe to rule them all, one pipe to find them, one pipe to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.....

ummmm, not really, but seriously , this is a pipe Gandalf would be jealous of. Bonus points for guessing the secret inscription on the bottom of the pipe. 

Size: 13in

Weight: 4oz

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Nick Arner
Package was open

Package was open and pipe was falling out, other then that its a really large piece good for group sesh, i like it

We call it the Gandolf

This thing is huge! It's about a ft long with a deep bowl. Recommend for a gathering.

Jeffrey Inghram

If you don’t read the fine print. From the presentation appears to be about 5-6”. Didn’t read. Pretty much the konjuer is like a soft huge dildo like pipe take an 1/8. To fill it You represent a personal pipe. No a great party pipe with a weak neck. Love the Karma. Just say’n


Easiest cleaning ever! So all you have to do with any of these sweet Piecemakers- take the bowl out and set pipe in freezer. Then place your glass or stainless bowl in a disposable baggie or cup. Cover the bowl with rubbing alcohol. Let them both sit for a bit. The silicone pipe once frozen, will crumble the resin into your container for cooking or directly into the trash! It’s amazing! Don’t let it thaw out- crunch it straight from the freezer! Then an alcohol wipe to make it not sticky! The bowl you soaked in rubbing alcohol is easy to clean off with another alcohol wipe!


I was SHOCKED at how huge this pipe is, I can set that huge bowl in the palm of my hand & the mouthpiece touches the inside of my elbow - WOW - but I think it is awesome…(now if Gandalf drops by, I can impress him with the silicone version of his wood version - lol)

I resolved the issue of no cap to prevent the contents from falling out - one of the Piecemaker hand-pipes with detachable cap that I bought a few years ago had a torn cap; I contacted the seller, sent a photo & they sent me a new pipe. Since I use the caps to hold over the carburetor, I kept the torn cap - & it fits SNUG inside the bowl - issue resolved😎

I did try to remove the metal bowl & see how difficult it is going to be - but when it is time to clean the under side of that metal bowl, I’m going to use a Q-tip with may a drop of olive oil to run it around the lip of the rim, & see if it pops out & slips back into place easier - so far LOVE the pipe - love that i can keep sativa in the Konjurer & Indica in my Karma Go (which has been my favorite for a few years now)…but I’m liking the feel of the Konjurer, kicked back watching TV - Great Pipe - I was looking for a place to upload a photo to show how nice the cap fits in the bowl…don’t see a link.