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Be the envy of your friends and bust out the stogie of your choice. Available in two sexy and classy colors, the Oscuro or Maduro are sure to be high on your list of new favorite pipe. Included with each Kuban is a convenient stand/grinder card, cleaning tool, and glass bowl.

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Kratzer
Awesome unit! but I wish it had...

Hey guys

I got this pipe yesterday and it hits really well I thoroughly enjoy it. However I really wish it had a silicone cover for the bowl at the end.

This way I would be able to take it with me without getting Ash in my pocket.

Anyway it's just a little thing but all in all this pipe is really awesome and I thoroughly enjoy all of your products.

Brian Robinson
Big. Dad

Looks like a cigar likes it

Joshua Moore
Good smoke, just hold it up.

I have enjoyed smoking the Kuban. Easy to use, easy to clean. The one thing that I do not like about the Kuban is that it has to held at an upward angle. If it is held at a downward angle, the weed falls out.